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Data Security of Fenn Bridge
The security of your data is of utmost importance to Fenn Bridge. We guarantee your data will never be lost, stolen or used for any purpose not serving you. Fenn Bridge implemented multi-level protection to guard your data.
Data stored on Amazon cloud servers
Our data is stored on Amazon cloud servers. The cloud management automatically replicates data storage in real time onto physical storages in whole world. This prevents data loss due to hardware failure or malicious attacks. Data redundancy is guaranteed.
Double firewalls
The cloud management provides overall firewall to all our cloud servers. On top of the cloud firewalls, we installed soft firewalls on each of our cloud servers. This prevents our cloud servers from being maliciously attacked.
HTTPS security
Our system is running on secured http protocol (https). This prevents our system from eavesdroppers and man-in-middle attacks. Your data will not be stolen during transition on the internet.
Daily database backup
Data is backed up periodically to local physical storage. Any data change can be tracked back to its original status.
Confidential data encryption
All confidential data such as social security number, password etc. is encrypted by strong encryption algorithms.
Data Security Highlights
Data stored on cloud storages
Double firewall protection
HTTPS security.
Periodical database backup.
Self-data validation.
Confidential data encryption.